How to lead a strategy planning session in the workplace:

If you are in search for new ideas or more creative inputs from your team members  then the best idea is to seat up an informal meeting where everyone from the group can effectively speak up and express their thoughts about certain topics. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pick idle minds and squeeze out lots of creative juices from each other.

If you are planning to organize a brainstorming session or do strategic planning with your team  please take note of the following helpful tips:

Write down your goal

Before scheduling this type of activity make sure that everyone from the team is aware of the main goal of the brainstorming session.  Give them enough time to prepare their ideas so everyone would have the opportunity to present their inputs because you have notified them in advance.

Look for an ideal place to have this kind of session

We want our brainstorming session to be casual and private. Although a lot of companies have boardrooms but most employees would prefer doing these kind of things outside the workplace where they can freely voice out their opinions and suggestions regarding certain things. You could make an inquiry or advance bookings at geelong meeting venue on your teams’ most convenient time.

Give all team members the chance to talk- Allocate at least 10 minutes per team member to speak in front of everyone to provide their inputs about certain topics, also give them the opportunity to answer all questions that will be raised after the presentation. Doing this kind of exercise is  very healthy because empowers the employees to think outside the box which makes them feel valued in the workplace.

Assign someone to be the minute taker

As soon as you start brainstorming have someone from the team write down notes about what has been discussed. And and the end of the meeting make a quick recap and have everybody sign at the bottom of the document to signify their presence and awareness regarding everything that has been discussed during the session.

Bring food and snacks for everyone to enjoy

Keep the meeting light and wholesome. Let your team members enjoy good food while analyzing difficult problems and offering practical solutions. Most people are able to think better when they are eating comfort food such as pizza, sandwiches and chips. This is also the perfect opportunity for everyone to bond and build a better relationship outside the workplace which in return can yield better performance results because everyone is contributing something significant to the team.

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